Màn hình cảm ứng HMI 22” TP2200 Comfort 6AV2124-0XC02-0AX1

Màn hình cảm ứng HMI 22” TP2200 Comfort 6AV2124-0XC02-0AX1

SIMATIC HMI TP2200 Comfort, Comfort Panel, Touch operation, 22″ widescreen TFT display, 16 million colors, PROFINET interface, MPI/PROFIBUS DP interface, 24 MB configuration memory, WEC 2013, configurable from WinCC Comfort V14 SP1 with HSP

6AV2124-0XC02-0AX1 là màn hình cảm ứng HMI được hãng SIEMENS sản xuất & phát triển mang thương hiệu SIMATIC thuộc dòng Comfort. 6AV2124-0XC02-0AX1 được SIEMENSIM.COM phát triển và phân phối rộng rãi trên thị trường Việt Nam. Nếu quý khách hàng đang có nhu cầu cần tư vấn, báo giá hay mua 6AV2124-0XC02-0AX1 thì hãy liên hệ Siemens Industry Mall để được hỗ trợ một cách tận tâm, nhanh chóng và hiệu quả nhé.

Tóm tắt thông số kỹ thuật 6AV2124-0XC02-0AX1

Mã sản phẩm 6AV2124-0XC02-0AX1
Dòng sản phẩm SIMATIC HMI TP2200 Comfort
Hãng sản xuất SIEMENS
Màn hình Màn hình cảm ứng 22 inch
Độ phân giải 1920 x 1080 pixel
Nguồn cung cấp 24 V DC (19.2-28.8 V DC)
Kích thước (RxCxS) 560 x 380 x 75 mm
Trọng lượng 6 700 g

Chi tiết thông số kỹ thuật 6AV2124-0XC02-0AX1

Tải về datasheet (pdf): Tại đây!

General information
Product type designation TP2200 Comfort
Design of display TFT
Screen diagonal 21.5 in
Display width 475.2 mm
Display height 267.3 mm
Number of colors 16 777 216
Resolution (pixels)
● Horizontal image resolution 1 920 pixel
● Vertical image resolution 1 080 pixel
● MTBF backlighting (at 25 °C) 30 000 h
● Backlight dimmable Yes; 0-100 %
Control elements
Keyboard fonts
● Function keys
— Number of function keys 0
— Number of function keys with LEDs 0
● Keys with LED No
● System keys No
● Numeric keyboard Yes; Onscreen keyboard
● alphanumeric keyboard Yes; Onscreen keyboard
Touch operation
● Design as touch screen Yes
Expansions for operator control of the process
● Direct keys (touch buttons as S7 input I/O) 40
Installation type/mounting
Mounting position vertical
Mounting in portrait format possible Yes
Mounting in landscape format possible Yes
maximum permissible angle of inclination without external ventilation 35°
Supply voltage
Type of supply voltage DC
Rated value (DC) 24 V
permissible range, lower limit (DC) 19.2 V
permissible range, upper limit (DC) 28.8 V
Input current
Current consumption (rated value) 1.7 A
Starting current inrush I²t 0.5 A²·s
Active power input, typ. 41 W
Flash Yes
Memory available for user data 24 Mbyte
Type of output
Info LED No
Power LED No
Error LED No
● Buzzer No
● Speaker Yes
Time of day
● Hardware clock (real-time) Yes
● Software clock Yes
● retentive Yes; Back-up duration typically 6 weeks
● synchronizable Yes
Number of industrial Ethernet interfaces 2; 2 ports (switch) + independent port
Number of RS 485 interfaces 1; RS 422 / 485 combined
Number of RS 422 interfaces 0; together with RS 485
Number of RS 232 interfaces 0
Number of USB interfaces 2; USB 2.0
Number of 20 mA interfaces (TTY) 0
Number of parallel interfaces 0
Number of other interfaces 0
Number of SD card slots 2
With software interfaces No
Industrial Ethernet
● Industrial Ethernet status LED 3
● Number of ports of the integrated switch 2
Supports protocol for PROFINET IO Yes
EtherNet/IP Yes
Protocols (Ethernet)
● TCP/IP Yes
● DHCP Yes
● SNMP Yes
● DCP Yes
● LLDP Yes
WEB characteristics
● HTTP Yes
● HTML Yes
● XML Yes
● CSS Yes
● Active X Yes
● JavaScript Yes
● Java VM No
Redundancy mode
Media redundancy
— MRP Yes
Further protocols
● CAN No
Interrupts/diagnostics/status information
● Diagnostic information readable Yes; S7 controller
Emission of radio interference acc. to EN 55 011
● Limit class A, for use in industrial areas Yes
● Limit class B, for use in residential areas No
Degree and class of protection
NEMA (front)
● Enclosure Type 4 at the front Yes
● Enclosure Type 4x at the front Yes
Standards, approvals, certificates
CE mark Yes
cULus Yes
RCM (formerly C-TICK) Yes
KC approval Yes
EAC (formerly Gost-R) Yes
Use in hazardous areas
● ATEX Zone 2 Yes
● ATEX Zone 22 Yes
● IECEx Zone 2 Yes
● IECEx Zone 22 Yes
● cULus Class I Zone 1 No
● cULus Class I Zone 2, Division 2 Yes; For inscription on device rating plate
● cULus Class II Division 2 No; Available soon
● FM Class I Division 2 Yes; For inscription on device rating plate
● FM Class II Division 2 No; Available soon
Marine approval
● Germanischer Lloyd (GL) No
● American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) No
● Bureau Veritas (BV) No
● Det Norske Veritas (DNV) No
● Korean Register of Shipping (KRS) No
● Lloyds Register of Shipping (LRS) No
● Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (Class NK) No
● Polski Rejestr Statkow (PRS) No
● Chinese Classification Society (CCS) No
Ambient conditions
Suited for indoor use Yes
Suited for outdoor use No
Ambient temperature during operation
Operation (vertical installation)
— For vertical installation, min. 0 °C
— For vertical installation, max. 45 °C
Operation (max. tilt angle)
— At maximum tilt angle, min. 0 °C
— At maximum tilt angle, min. 40 °C
Operation (vertical installation, portrait format)
— For vertical installation, min. 0 °C
— For vertical installation, max. 40 °C
Operation (max. tilt angle, portrait format)
— At maximum tilt angle, min. 0 °C
— At maximum tilt angle, min. 35 °C
Ambient temperature during storage/transportation
● min. -20 °C
● max. 60 °C
Relative humidity
● Operation, max. 90 %; no condensation
Operating systems
proprietary No
pre-installed operating system
● Windows CE Yes; Windows Embedded Compact 2013
Message indicator Yes
Alarm system (incl. buffer and acknowledgment) Yes
Process value display (output) Yes
Process value default (input) possible Yes
Recipe management Yes
Configuration software
STEP 7 Basic (TIA Portal) No
STEP 7 Professional (TIA Portal) No
● WinCC flexible Compact No
● WinCC flexible Standard No
● WinCC flexible Advanced No
WinCC Basic (TIA Portal) No
WinCC Comfort (TIA Portal) Yes; V14 SP1 HSP and higher
WinCC Advanced (TIA Portal) Yes; V14 SP1 HSP and higher
WinCC Professional (TIA Portal) Yes; V14 SP1 HSP and higher
Online languages
● Number of online/runtime languages 32
Project languages
● Languages per project 32
Functionality under WinCC (TIA Portal)
Libraries Yes
● Web browser Yes
● Pocket Word Yes
● Pocket Excel Yes
● PDF Viewer Yes
● Media Player Yes
● SIMATIC WinCC Sm@rtServer Yes
● SIMATIC WinCC Audit Yes
Number of Visual Basic Scripts Yes
Task planner
● time-controlled Yes
● task-controlled Yes
Message system
● Number of alarm classes 32
● Bit messages
— Number of bit messages 6 000
● Analog messages
— Number of analog messages 200
● S7 alarm number procedure Yes
● System messages HMI Yes
● System event, more (SIMATIC S7, SINUMERIK, SIMOTION, … ) Yes
● Number of characters per message 80
● Number of process values per message 8
● Acknowledgment groups Yes
● Message indicator Yes
Recipe management
● Number of recipes 500
● Data records per recipe 1 000
● Entries per data record 2 000
● Size of internal recipe memory 4 Mbyte
● Recipe memory expandable Yes
● Number of variables per device 4 096
● Number of variables per screen 400
● Limit values Yes
● Multiplexing Yes
● Structures Yes
● Arrays Yes
● Number of configurable images 750
● Permanent window/default Yes
● Global image Yes
● Pop-up images Yes
● Slide-in images Yes
● Image selection by PLC Yes
● Image number in the PLC Yes
Image objects
● Number of objects per image 600
● Text fields Yes
● I/O fields Yes
● Graphic I/O fields (graphics list) Yes
● Symbolic I/O fields (text list) Yes
● Date/time fields Yes
● Switches Yes
● Buttons Yes
● Graphic display Yes
● Icons Yes
● Geometric objects Yes
Complex image objects
● Number of complex objects per screen 40
● Alarm view Yes
● Trend view Yes
● User view Yes
● Status/control Yes
● Sm@rtClient view Yes
● Recipe view Yes
● f(x) trend view Yes
● System diagnostics view Yes
● Media Player Yes
● HTML browser Yes
● PDF display Yes
● IP camera display Yes
● Bar graphs Yes
● Sliders Yes
● Pointer instruments Yes
● Analog/digital clock Yes
● Number of text lists per project 500
● Number of entries per text list 500
● Number of graphics lists per project 500
● Number of entries per graphics list 500
● Number of archives per device 50
● Number of entries per archive 50 000
● Message archive Yes
● Process value archive Yes
● Archiving methods
— Sequential archive Yes
— Short-term archive Yes
● Memory location
— Memory card Yes
— USB memory Yes
— Ethernet Yes
● Data storage format
— CSV Yes
— TXT Yes
— RDB Yes
● Number of user groups 50
● Number of user rights 32
● Number of users 50
● Password export/import Yes
● SIMATIC Logon Yes
Logging through printer
● Alarms Yes
● Report (shift log) Yes
● Hardcopy Yes
● Electronic print to file Yes; PDF, HTML
Character sets
● Keyboard fonts
— US English Yes
Transfer (upload/download)
● USB Yes
● Ethernet Yes
● using external storage medium Yes
Process coupling
S7-1200 Yes
S7-1500 Yes
● S7-200 Yes
S7-300, S7-400 Yes
● WinAC Yes
● SINUMERIK Yes; With SINUMERIK option package as from WinCC V15 or higher
● Allen Bradley (EtherNet/IP) Yes
● Allen Bradley (DF1) Yes
● Mitsubishi (MC TCP/IP) Yes
● Mitsubishi (FX) Yes
● OMRON (LINK/Multilink) Yes
● Modicon (Modbus TCP/IP) Yes
● Modicon (Modbus) Yes
● OPC UA Client Yes
● OPC UA Server Yes
Service tools/configuration aids
● Backup/Restore manually Yes
● Backup/Restore automatically Yes
● Simulation Yes
● Device switchover Yes
Printer Yes
SIMATIC HMI MM memory card: Multi Media Card Yes; Up to 128 MB
SIMATIC HMI SD memory card: Secure Digital memory card Yes; Up to 2 GB
SIMATIC HMI CF memory card Compact Flash Card No
USB memory Yes
SIMATIC IPC USB Flashdrive (USB stick) Yes; Up to 16 GB
SIMATIC HMI USB stick Yes; Up to 8 GB
Network camera Yes
Enclosure material (front)
● Plastic No
● Aluminum Yes
● Stainless steel No
Width of the housing front 560 mm
Height of housing front 380 mm
Mounting cutout, width 542 mm
Mounting cutout, height 362 mm
Overall depth 75 mm
Weight (without packaging) 6.7 kg

Phân phối & báo giá 6AV2124-0XC02-0AX1

Nếu quý khách hàng đang có nhu cầu cần tư vấn, báo giá hay mua 6AV2124-0XC02-0AX1 thì hãy liên hệ Siemens Industry Mall để được hỗ trợ một cách tận tâm, nhanh chóng và hiệu quả nhé.

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